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15 Février 2020


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Dice Of Olympus

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+336 06 43 28 72


Dice of Olympus is a strategy game that uses customizable dice as game logic to defeat online players or monsters in a rich adventure mode. The game dive the player into the world of Greek myths and all its great epics. Play as the Olympians Gods, Ares, Athena, Artemis, Poseidon etc... in revisited adventures and in multi-player confrontations comparable to the titanomachy! 2 adventure modes : Classic adventure in chapters : narrative and fun challenges Minotaur Labyrinth : Rogue-like system with one dangerous boss 1 Twitch mode (under study) : The streamer can play against his chat with a system of vote. The chat can choose the dices they will play with, choose the dices they want to reroll, choose the order of spells and choose the targets. Gameplay Choose your god with his unique spells, customize your 5 dice with more than 100 unique faces, playing with all the game mechanics to build an unfailing strategy. Put in your deck all the spells that you need to thwart your opponent's strategy and get you out of badest situations. Once in combat, do everything in your power to get the best possible draws, don’t be too greedy, and choose wisely the dice you reroll and the spells you launch and their targets. Tour by tour, setup your plans and anticipate the best and worst scenarios to bring your opponent's health points down to zero. Attack the health points, block/boost the dice or the rerolling, play with time, pray the gods to get their favor or invoke magic crystals and deal bonus or curses.


Histoire du projet

Dice Of Olympus was supposed to be an end-of-studies project of a group of 8 persons, taken back by Anton Bodin Marty a few years later with the help of Thibaut De Lafforest. A first Web version of the project is developed in 2017, this version allows the team to validate the main feature of the game, its universe and its look. The team decides to see bigger and starts a new version, this time on Unity at the end of 2017. Mechanisms, gameplay and features start to maintain. Laura Raynaud, the Illustrator, joins the project in 2019. In 2020 the team decides to start a company with the name “Tessera Games” in order to present and sell the game.



Reveal Trailer of Dice Of Olympus YouTube


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Notre site web
Inscrivez vous à notre beta privee : https://diceofolympus.com.

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